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Automation System

The automation system is an integral part of the anaerobic digestion system. This system allows remote operation and monitoring by anyone with an internet connection. The automation system allows the operator to view and control any of the processes associated with the digester including the engine/generator and solids separator system.

The system is also capable of automatically notifying the operator in case of an alarm. The system will take the necessary corrective action in an attempt to correct the alarming condition. If this alarm is not able to be corrected by the system, the operator is notified of the fault needing correction and the proper personnel can be dispatched with the tools an parts necessary to correct the condition.

The automation system also collects the operational data of the system. This information can be viewed on the control screens in numerous formats. The system also automatically generates a weekly operational summary which provides key parameters such as the amount of biogas produced, the amount of electricity produced, the volume of manure processed, and the uptime of the system.

The automation system is also capable of incorporating additional processing systems that may compliment the digestion process. These systems can be integrated through a communication card and allow the operator to view all the systems through one interface.

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