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Following years of research into the anaerobic digestion field and analysis of the numerous failed projects over the last 10 years, the two main problems typically identified were poor system integration and a lack of support and maintenance for the farm once the project was constructed.

Clear Horizons LLC was founded to offer customers anaerobic digestion systems that could overcome these problems. Clear Horizons provides customers with one source of responsibility for the proper construction and integration of the system in a timely manner within the specified budget.

Clear Horizons also has an extensive network of service providers to support these systems. With Pieper Electric's experience in Utility inter-connections, problems associated with the quality of power available at farm locations can be addressed and corrected. Pieper's service technicians can also support the control system and make any required modification of the system to ensure maximum performance of the digestion system. Pieper's mechanical divsion is available to support the pumps, process, piping, valves and controls.  Pieper Electric also has experience in constructing municipal waste treatment facilities. The knowledge developed from these systems can be applied to agricultural applications to improve the operational availability of these systems while maintaining a competitive capital cost.

Clear Horizons LLC was created to provide customers with a cost effective turn-key anaerobic digestion solution and support the customers with maintenance and operational assistance throughout the life of the project.

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