Anaerobic Digestion

The anaerobic process is a relatively simple process that utilizes bacteria in the absence of oxygen to break down organic materials. As the organic material breaks down, it generates biogas with a 50-60% methane content. This gas can be utilized to power an engine/generator system, fire a boiler, or simply flared.

The key aspects of selecting an Anaerobic Digestion System that will maximize the biogas production, operate reliably, justify the investement and be simple to maintain are proper selection of a proven technology, proper integration of the various components, and utilizing an engine that is specifically designed to operate on biogas.

The digester technology utilizes a modular, stainless steel, bolted, above ground, insulated tank. The roof consists of a dual membrane system to provide constant gas pressure with an integral hydrogen sulfide scrubbing system to protect the engine.

The engine/generator system utilizes an engine specifically designed to operate on biogas. The system also includes a coalescing unit, gas regulation system, and heat exchanger system.

A key component of the system is an automation package that incorporates all the operating parameters of the digester system along with the engine/generation system. Incorporating these components with the turn-key installation provided by Clear Horizons maximizes the reliability of the system and ensures it meets its projected operating parameters.

Clear Horizons is the first in Wisconsin to offer an electrical intallation that is state certified to meet electrical building codes as well as the explosion-proof safety standards for biogas systems.

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