EnerGro Potting Mix


EnerGroTM Potting Mixes will improve the quality of your potted plants and flower gardens through its unique formulation.  EnerGroTM produces plants with greater mass and bloom rates than standard peat-based potting mixes.  Not only does EnerGroTM improve the quality of plants, it also aids in protecting the environment.


"After switching to EnerGro organic potting soil for my tree, flower and vegetable seedlings, I've enjoyed quicker growth rates, stronger healthier plants and increased flower and fruit production. EnerGro potting soil is definitely the highest quality soil I've ever grown in!"
- Todd - Oconomowoc, WI


The main ingredient in EnerGroTM Potting Mix is a co-product of anaerobic digestion on dairy farms.  The anaerobic digestion process produces renewable energy as it removes the odor, pathogens, and weed seeds from dairy manure. 


The fiber produced during this process retain their organic fertilizer value and have unique characteristics, such as high moisture retention, which make it an ideal replacement for peat moss in potting mixes.


Through extensive research and development with an independent soils laboratory, the digested fiber was formulated into potting mixes.

Studies were performed utilizing geraniums, petunias, and azaleas to develop the ideal formula that maximized both stem weight and bloom rate.  This formula is now commercially available as EnerGroTM.


EnerGroTM Organic Fiber Characteristics

C/N Ratio: 11-17

pH: 7.8-8.6

Ammonia N/ Nitrate N Ratio: 0.05

Respiration Rate: 2.7 mg CO2-C/g OM/day

Biological Available Carbon: 3.1 mg CO2-C/g OM/day

Moisture Content: 55-65%

Bulk Density: ~15 lbs./ft3

Fecal Coliform: Less than 2 MPN/gram

Salmonella: Less than 3 MPN/ 4 grams



Clear Horizons has developed a complete line of EnerGroTM potting mixes utilizing EnerGroTM Organic Fiber as the base ingredient of the mix in place of peat moss.  The following products have been developed:


EnerGroTM General Purpose Potting Mix

EnerGroTM Seed Starter Potting Mix

EnerGroTM Vegetable Potting Mix

EnerGroTM Moisture Holding Mix

EnerGroTM African Violet Potting Mix

EnerGroTM Organic Fiber

EnerGroTM Potting Mixes are available in 1 ft3 bags and Bulk.




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